Success Journey XXVI: Brain Dump, Get It Off Your Chest!

4 min readJul 16, 2023

A brain dump is an idea you have but need to remember for later. Brain-dump your thoughts to get your work done. ~ Anon

I was a bit hesitant in doing this because I thought hell there are loads of articles on the topic which anyone can access but on second thoughts I remembered I had my own audience and if I want to serve them why should I refer them to others? Surely I can articulate the few ideas I have in my voice and recommend further readings.

In On Writing, best-selling author Stephen King also stated that writing became easier in his later years as he rarely spent beyond 3–6 months on any new project, at least for his first draft. He said he struggled to understand how writers spend years writing one book/novel when all that was required was just pouring out those thoughts.

Let us examine this a bit more. I liken it to the popular advice in writing; Write daily. Some advise us to embark on “word dump” this with brain dumping). Yes, we can dive in and dump everything. It’s a strategy that helps in many ways but most significantly in overcoming the dreaded writer’s block.

The fact that many best-selling writers attribute their success to the brain-dump/writing-sprint method doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you but it does work because I have tried it and I just did a dump before starting this post. I usually wake up with a clear head at 5:15 am. I used to wake at 4:50 am until I asked myself where I was hurrying to so I decided to add an extra half hour. No, I cut 5 minutes and added 25 more minutes.

Back to the topic. I woke up with an unusual cluster of thoughts even though I had a good rest and I just couldn’t figure out why. My thoughts were running wild with different issues competing to be at the fore. I figured this was because I had a jampacked weekend of work including on Sunday and in between I had 3 scheduled meetings. One with the cmonionline community and two with business concerns. I had to clear my head!

So I decided to do a brain dump instead of my usual Morning pages. Yes, I do a brain dump multiple times but I do Morning Pages once a day. I set my timer for 15 minutes. I usually do brain dumps for less, max 5 minutes. Most times I just use a voice recorder and pour out…




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