Cmonionline April Essay Competition (N100k Prize)

2 min readApr 13, 2024

Here is another chance to win 100k by doing what you love.

Choose from the following topics:

  1. Write a story in the third person point of view about a student finding and meeting his soul mate amidst the herculean activities of university life. (Fiction)
  2. Analyse the possible causes and effects of the heat wave in Nigeria and make some projections on the solutions. (Research)
  3. Discuss and share your thoughts on the rising trend of transgenderism in Nigeria with reference to Bobrisky/James Brown/Jay Boogie
    on the dangers of skin bleaching to correct the narratives pushed by the trending #EstherblishChallenge. (Opinion)

TASK: Our task this time is to practice brevity. So write a story on at least 2 of the above topics. The total word count of each story should be 1000 ± 10% words.

  1. You MUST publish your stories on Medium, LinkedIn, Substack or any alternative platform and send the link to your published story via email to
  2. You MUST attend the peer review session and provide useful feedback to be nominated.
  3. The submission deadline is on or before Sunday 21/04/2024 at 11:59 pm.

You can seek further clarification via email.
The winner will be determined by peer review on a date to be announced on our social media pages.


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