#JuneWritingContest: A Book In A Year Reloaded(N100k Prize)

2 min readJun 10, 2024


Here is another chance to win N100k by doing what you love.

Recall that we formally started writing A Book In Year in June 2023.
Before that, we had sessions and posts on how to achieve the task.
But after my 2nd post on the challenge, we lost steam.

So we will go again this year and for this month, we will write about our proposed book project as a precursor to other activities that will help us realise this goal.

TASK: A short book proposal detailing the following.

  1. An introductory background to your book, why you want to publish it and why you think it will be a viable venture.
  2. A premise (if you are writing non-fiction, your story premise is the basic concept or thesis, usually identifying the need/problem and then proposing a solution).
  3. Your writing strategies/tools (Writing times/venue, target daily & total word count, MS Word, Google Doc, Scrivener, etc).
  4. Your preferred publishing pathway (Self or Traditional Publishing) and why you chose it.

If you wish to collaborate, then you MUST submit a document, assign different colours to each author and highlight their contribution. Here is an example.
As usual, you MUST publish your stories on Medium, LinkedIn, Substack or any alternative platform and then send the link to your published story to admin@cmonionline.com.
You MUST also attend the peer review session and provide useful feedback to stand a chance of winning.

The total word count of your story should be 1500 words ± 10% and the submission deadline is on or before Wednesday 19/06/2024 at 11:59 pm.

Read, research and understand the instructions before starting.
For further clarification, send an email to admin@cmonionline.com

The winner will be determined by peer review on a date to be announced on our social media pages.


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