Mamiwata Mask by Victor Oladejo & Isaac Kingsley Wins N200k For The #MayWritingChallenge

3 min readJun 2, 2024


Every one of us is a wonder. Every one of us has a story. ~Kristin Hunter

We had another interesting peer review session for the #MayWritingChallenge on 30/05/2024.
All the writers agreed that it was arguably the most keenly contested competition so far. This may be because all the entries were about the same creative writing prompt. Ultimately, Victor Oladejo & Issac Kingsley emerged as the winners with 7 nominations for their story Mamiwata Mask.

Below is a breakdown of the nominations from 12 writers.

  1. RIDDLES IN DEATH by Oluwaseun Osanyinro & Faith Oyadiran was nominated once by Emmanuel Enaku.
  2. Untangled by Peace Habila & Roselyn Sho-Olajide had 3 nominations from Victor Oladejo, Ebube Ezeadum and Isaac Kingsley.
  3. Who killed Papa’s Favourite Pretty Wife? By Emmanuel Enaku & Becky O. Peleowo equally got 3 nominations from Faith Oyadiran, Evamena Nnanna and Oluwaseun Osanyinro.
  4. BEYOND WHAT WE SEE by Chisom Arueze & Ebube Ezeadum got 5 nominations from Faith Oyadiran, Victor Oladejo, Becky Peleowo, Collins Undelikwo and Issac Kingsley.

5. “Who killed Papa’s Wife?”… Naomi, Wife Number 9 by Collins Undelikwo & Evamena Nnanna also got 5 nominations from Becky Peleowo, Roselyn Sho-Olajide, Peace Habila, Oluwaseun Osanyinro and Chisom Arueze.

6. Mamiwata Mask by Victor Oladejo & Isaac Kingsley won the challenge with 7 nominations from Evamena Nnanna, Emmanuel Enaku, Collins Undelikwo, Roselyn Sho-Olajide, Peace Habila, Chisom Arueze and Ebube Ezeadum.


All the writers read all the published entries. Many provided great feedback, commending and critiquing where they deemed fit.
The improving quality of our writing was hailed by every contributor.
This is particularly joyous considering that we did collaborative writing this time.
It proves that two good heads are better than one.

However, there is always room for improvement.

Punctuation was repeatedly harped on, and it boils down to editing and starting your work early. I refer writers to a previous post on writing resources that can help here.
Creativity in choosing titles is another aspect that writers need to improve on.
Your story title is the first thing the reader know the rest!

Another important point is writing to instructions.
Understand the prompt well before writing not just because we are competing, but doing this also sharpens your focus on the tiny details that make a huge difference.

Congratulations Victor and Isaac. It’s not easy to come out tops in such a close competition. I’m particularly glad for Victor who in addition to his consistency has significantly reduced the small talk on Twitter.
Thanks to our regular writing tasks!

We gladly welcome back our wonderful writers Chisom and Roselyn.
I’m sure we will enjoy more of the flavour they bring to the community with their writing.
Kudos to everyone who participated and special thanks to the reading audience for all the support.
We are all winners and we go again this June!

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