Photography: Some tips to promote your career.

  • Attention To Details: Photographers are often meticulous people. They worry about some of the things we wave off. You must have an eye for the tiniest of details, they may just be the cornerstone, the outstanding item.
  • Artistic Ability: Like I mentioned earlier, you must be creative. The profession is perhaps 90% about your creativity. Your ability to bring your best imaginations to life using a combination of position, colour and composition. You can borrow a leaf from Annie Sakkab’s quote above.
  • Communication And Interpersonal Skills: As well being a good communicator, you should also be a good listener, be patient and proactive to be able to understand clients’ needs. A good customer relationship engenders patronage. Computer literacy, especially in editing software programs and applications, is an added advantage in this internet age.
  • Commercial Skills: Naturally, for any venture to be profitable some business skills are required. Photographers should at least know how to keep financial records; know a bit of marketing and understand copyright laws to protect their work. Your work is your intellectual property and should fetch you whatever it is worth in the market.



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