Success Journey XXIII: Consistency

6 min readJul 1, 2023

When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.~Arsene Wenger

In my university days, the big boys are often the loaded guys and great spenders who command influence and loyalty through acts of benevolence. Then came the era of quick bucks. You could break into the big boys club when you suddenly hammer in the Nigerian parlance. But my friend Joly Papa will only hail you as a Chairman if you maintain that status for long. Predictably few eventually qualify to be addressed with that title. The reason is simple; it is easier to hammer than to be CONSISTENT.

Consistency is a vital characteristic of success and it’s about repetitions that often involve iterations which ultimately lead to evolution.

Repetition: My dad told me that the average Onitsha trader is a millionaire because of consistency. Let’s take Main Market for instance. The traders (ndi oga) and apprentices (umu boy) wake up in the morning, shower and proceed to their respective shops at 6 am. The next day they repeat the same thing. Monday through Saturday, week in and week out, it is rinse and repeat. They rest on Sundays and use it for social engagements too. By the time you know it they would have marked 52 weeks.

I used to think this was a boring lifestyle till I had a discussion with my cousin who lives in Lagos. For an educated and sophisticated Lagosian, I found it odd that he had the same routine. His business is located on the Mainland and his home was just about 3 kilometres down the road. When he eventually moved to the Island after many years he continued driving to the Mainland daily.

When I asked why he did this, his response was concise.
“I get bored at home if I don't leave the house by midday”.
I queried further, “Isn't being at the shop daily monotonous?”
He replied, “Nope because no two days are exactly the same”.
“Ok, but you have two experienced shop attendants who run the day-to-day business, so why would you need to be present at the shop?”
Again his simple answer floored me.
“Well, my business often requires a personal touch for premium clients”. He explained that try as much as they may…




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