Write A Book In A Year With Cmonionline.

3 min readJun 7, 2023


The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better. ~ Stephen King

We are finally here. It is official and it may seem to have come too fast but it's always good to get started. If there is one thing I’ve learned in my 7 years abroad it is that the Western world thrives on productivity and lengthy deliberations can sometimes turn to prevarication. So it's always better to start acting on your ideas and improve along the way. It gets better when you are accompanied because you have a challenge and support.


It is that simple guys. I know some have already started writing like myself. Some will still start and some may not write a word in the entire period. It's different strokes for different folks but push on…we must!

Now why do we want to write a book? The answer is simple. Because we can write a book!

In our last session, we deliberated on spicing up the next 365 days of writing a book. It is important to reward our efforts for good reasons. The obvious is encouragement, and then it is necessary to take breaks — it could be monthly or quarterly — with some rote activities that may help to replenish our cognitive resources. Ideas like spoken word contests, poems, word count, and periodic writing competitions in the manner we usually have were mentioned. Well since variety is the spice of life and writing it will be nice to try these suggestions as we progress. We will simply put them to vote in the group and go with the majority choice.

Book reviews: We will recommend 3 or 4 books for writers to choose from and then do a review. Writers will then determine the winning entries to be rewarded. I think this is a brilliant idea especially if we include authors/genres that may resonate with our writing ideas. It is actually killing 3 birds with a stone. You get a break, draw from reading and receive a bank alert. Well, the 3rd bird depends on the house.

And finally, we agreed to START on 11th June 2023. So all things being equal, by 11th June 2024 through our effort each person should have published a book or at the very least have a draft.

A Tip We Skipped.

Find a reader, preferably someone you trust to always tell you the brutal truth. No flattery or undeserved adulation but honest feedback that will encourage you to keep pushing. I have my uncle and because my work will be published here I may request feedback from you at intervals.

Next up…

On Sunday, June 25, 2023, we will host two content creators Ada @lightwoxng and Ifunanya @iphie_explores who will share their thoughts on digital creativity and social media. Further details on this will be shared on our social media platforms soon but it’s IMPORTANT to know the Talkshop is part of the criteria for choosing 10 beneficiaries of the FREE graphic design training.

If you just started following you can still catch up with previous sessions and read some posts on writing in our resources category. That’s all, start writing and all the best!